Scalerail - Scales

Chromatic Scales


SCALERAIL is the ideal way for students to learn how to play perfectly even chromatic scales without the hand dropping each time the thumb is played. As SCALERAIL carries the hand up and down the keyboard the hand is kept in the correct 'forward-facing' position and the necessary continuity of motion becomes effortless. If continuity of motion is broken as the chromatic scale ascends or descends, SCALERAIL makes it easy for the student or teacher to spot exactly where interruption occurs, and the fault can be quickly corrected before further practise turns it into a habit


Scales and Arpeggios

The principle is simple - the movement of the hand and arm must be linear. As the arm is extended towards the top or bottom of the keyboard SCALERAIL maintains the optimum 'forward facing' position of the hand and wrist in relation to the keyboard. The thumb now stays in the same horizontal plane which necessitates extending the fingers to play the black keys rather than moving the whole hand forwards and backwards.

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